Nov 15, 2013
УП «O’zbektemiryo’lekspeditsia» informs!!!

                                        Ladies and Gentlemen!


     On the basis of the letter number 103/917 from 14.11.2013g УП «O'zbektemiryo'lekspeditsia» informs that with the release of 14.11.2013g codes for cargo in transit through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan appointment to the Republic of Tajikistan, will be produced at the request of a mandatory indication the name of the shipper, the consignee, the route, the name and code of cargo.

                   When planning the transport of goods in the Republic of Tajikistan to provide pre- application with the obligatory indication of the required data. The codes will be issued only after consultation with the УП «O'zbektemiryo'lekspeditsia».

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