Jul 5, 2013
New rates

Dear Sirs,

1. Based on the information of the JSC "Kedentransservice» № 1036-and from 25.06.2013g from 1 August 2013. will change the rate of operating the transportation of containers in international transport (import, transit) in private cars JSC "Kedentransservice" through the border station Dostyk Altynkol.

In accordance with the Tariff Policy Kazakhstan railway for freight in international freight year for 2013 Section 7, operating rates are calculated according to the internal rules and rates on the date of occurrence of services. The new rates for the transportation of containers in international transport in private cars JSC "Kedentarnsservis", with effect from August 1, 2013, will be given in addition. Settles on road transport will proizvoditoya, not on a calendar-stamp the departure station, and on the day of the container transshipment.

2. On the basis of the telegram number 14 from 01.07.2013 (DM 75 \ 560) of Taschkenta konveytsionnoe announced a ban on loading of all types of containers from all stations of the railway administrations of the appointment to the station Tashkent-commodity (code 722400) in the address of all consignees from July 5, 2013 to cancel.