Jun 12, 2013
Dear Clients!

According to "The instruction about an order of commission of separate customs operations concerning temporarily imported and temporarily taken out vehicles of the international transportation", the Commission of the Customs union approved by the Solution of November 18, 2010 No. 511, term of temporary import of returnable containers is established by customs authorities. Term of temporary import of the container is put down in the customs declaration on the vehicle. Before the expiration of temporary import the empty container has to be taken out from the territory of the Customs union. At violation of term of temporary import of the empty container, customs authorities will expose charge for storage of containers over an established period. We will be compelled to expose accounts for storage of empty containers to customers of transportation. In order to avoid additional expenses for storage of empty returnable containers, warn consignees about need of fast return of the container after freight unloading.

We ask to inform all involved persons, we thank for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.